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Roccoco Botanicals is formulated with the aim of providing quality skin care that was safe for acne prone skins and for those who were hyper-sensitive. Its’ founder, Jacine had children who had eczema, so providing products that were gentle on compromised skins was of utmost importance.

Roccoco Botanicals has a stronger focus on being safe for allergies than it does on being natural. Whilst natural ingredients are our preferred there are many natural products that can create rashes and sensitivities in those who are prone to it.

Roccoco Botanicals are one of the few natural products that do not believe in peeling the skin. Peeling the skin causes the skin to be stressed and inflamed. Instead we use plants that are known for their skin soothing properties.

The Roccoco Botanicals in clinic protocols focus on keeping the skin barrier intact and selective use of actives. Skin is exfoliated gently with enzymes. The benefit of enzymes is that they will not harm living tissue and only work on the skin cells that are no longer required.